Ryan Sacko - doctoral candidate in the College of Education seeking a PhD in motor behavior within the department of Physical Education

December 7, 2017

How does kicking a ball equate to running? Which one uses more energy? How many times would you need to kick a ball to equate to 1 mile? Ryan brings a unique perspective to the podcast and discusses how living active equates to running. Ryan has a passion to help people ENJOY being active which means more than just running. Listen how he discusses all his findings while writing his dissertation. 


Bailey Harris- Head XC and Boys Baksetball coach at Lexington High School

November 22, 2017

What are the ingredients to a good cross country team?  This week Bailey Harris brings multiple state championships to the table while talking about the ingredients to a successful team.  Bailey is the head boys XC and bassketball coach at Lexington High School.


What is F3? Hear it from Ken doll and R2D2

November 15, 2017

Have you always dreamed of having a different name? Wished you could be called something different? Well join f3, they will solve that for you. This week we learn what f3 is and the benefits of the group outside all the fun training. 


Robert Taylor

October 25, 2017

Robert has finished numerous Ironman distance races and has been involved in the sport of triathlon for over 30 years. Great insight on training, racing, and learning the sport! 


It’s THE Shawanna White

October 18, 2017

Shawanna talks about her pursuit to qualify for the Olympic Trials and some of her best growth moments as a runner. Great stuff from Shawawna! 


Go Leo Go!

October 10, 2017

This week we hear from the Bugenske family and their 5k event. Hear them tell their story of how they are giving back to the community and making a difference in the SMA community! Go Leo Go! 


Alex McDonald

October 1, 2017

Columbia Running Club's very own and 12,543X 5k finisher Alex McDonald is on the podcast. Alex talks about his running experience, qualifying for Boston, his favorite distance, and his blog. Hope you enjoy!


What is FiA?

September 21, 2017

Jeannette Farr talks about her passion for Run Hard, running, and Fia. But, what is FiA? Jeannette let's us know. 


Rick and Dean - Round 2

September 13, 2017

Where did the "Hairy Bison" come from? Check it out on this week's podcast. Make sure you listen to the very end to hear Rick and Dean's opinion on how they thought the podcast went!


Rick Stroud and Dean Schuster - Round 1

September 6, 2017

Harbison Trail Runners' finest. Well, maybe not so much but they would tell you that. This week, and next week, we will hear from Dean and Rick about why they like the trail, where they've run on the trail, and what upcoming races are on the trail. Hope you enjoy!